Wood Swing Set

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Wood Swing Set

A wood swing set offers so much that other materials simply cannot.

Plastic swing sets may cost less, but lose their beauty and even crack as they sit in the yard year after year. A metal swing set will last longer, but you've no doubt seen them bend, dent, or rust after a period of time. Now you may be thinking that a wood swing set it subject to splinter or rot, and that is certainly true. But if you get your swing set with the right kind of treated wood, then those problems are infrequent if they occur at all. And you are surely aware that no swing set will look better in your yard than one made out of wood. More than just a child's toy, your set will look like a wonderful part of the landscaping.

What else do we like about wood? Well these sets are perfect for the do it yourselfer. Most come pre-boxed and ready to assemble. Everything is pre-drilled and fitted and you can generally put it together in a single afternoon with common tools most people have around the house. There are even sets that can be customized for ground that is not level. And if you want to expand, many wood swing sets are manufactured so they can be added to year after year.

Like most swing sets, a wood swing set will have a variety of different equipment. If you want just swings and a slide, that's no problem. If you have more room, you can get a climbing wall, tire swing, nets to climb, bars to hang on, or anything else up to and including a large playhouse or fort covered with a canopy and having a sandbox underneath. These sets are very flexible and you can always find one with exactly the playground equipment you are looking for.

All you need to do is follow the installation instructions. Just make sure you do it exactly as described to ensure it is sturdy and safe. If you get a quality wood that's been pressure treated and weather proofed, about the only maintenance required is to periodically check to make sure all the screws and bolts are tight.

And while we're talking about safety, most of the concerns of the past are now taken care of. Proper installation will keep it from toppling over. Plastic covered chains eliminate finger pinching. Secure hanging brackets are secured in every direction. Brackets are hidden in the decks and pre-treated wood will rarely splinter.

Start with a small set for your toddler, and as he or she grows the wood swing set can too. Expanding the set year after year will seem like a new toy each and every time. You'll be amazed to see that even as teenagers, kids will tend to hang around the swing set. Your house will be among the favorites in the neighborhood, which is good because you'll be able to keep a better watch on your child than you would if he spent every afternoon at a friend's house.

A good wood swing set will help your child's imagination flourish. And a quality one will keep him safe as he plays.

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